About Me

This is my old site, so please visit emilyheaven.com for my up to date portfolio!


My name is Emily and I have a Masters in Illustration. My dream is to become a children’s illustrator but it is ridiculously hard to get into the industry without contacts or a lucky break. I will never quit and it won’t stop me from designing new work. I have my favourite styles and techniques that I use but I am open to fun experimentation as well. For part of the University course I had to write a blog which was and still is new territory for me! I have already published the progression throughout University but alas this is all over now but I want to try and continue with my blog and so I will post any work I create big or small which I hope you’ll like! Please don’t be afraid to comment as all feedback is helpful.

Let the journey begin …


Just a little reminder all my work is my property and cannot be used in any form without my permission. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

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