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I showed my work to the lecturers and they seemed neither impressed or disappointed. However, when looking at other students work and styles I found that everyone had a different way of getting inspirational ideas. Some went straight into creating images that were detailed and nearly finished but some students reacted to the text by creating colours which I thought was different. Ways of working;

  • Creating a final piece
  • Sketches (which I did)
  • Creating a storyboard (which I did)
  • Using just colour
  • Researching deeply into the text
  • Researching into the author
  • Drawing shapes and illusions
  • Drawing characters
  • Thinking outside the text
  • Creating scenarios
  • Using text to express the feeling

All very different and I found it a helpful insight of how other people work. It made me realise that I don’t always have to go straight into thumbnail sketches. I can either research into the text a little more or even just start with the very basics of how does the text make me feel and use other media to express that e.g colour, sound, shape. I am still going to continue with my sketches and experiment with a couple of certain images but I will definitely consider other approaches when tackling a brief in the future.

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