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Here are a couple more sketches that I have created for The Library of Babel;

Across the valley
Across the valley

A thumbnail sketch of what I think the hexagon libraries would look like, I didn’t want a central building where it all stands. I wanted to create the vastness of the hexagon buildings which is spread across a large area of land; the library is taking over the landscape. I haven’t settled on one image I have created many other images that are similar but have a different layout. The stairs where inspired by ‘a spiral staircase, which winds upward and downward into the remote distance’ ( Jorge Luis Borges, 1944).

DNA Double Helix

Thinking about the nature of the text I used a DNA double helix to form the shape of the stairs as I thought this would link into life and it’s a pleasing shape to look at.

Down the stairs
Down the stairs

Down the stairs is taking a first person perspective and taking the viewer on a journey. A very rough sketch and again I have drawn other perspectives to see which one works best. Looking back at the Seven Principles for Visual Culture Education by Paul Duncun I considered using the perspective of the scene to show power; tall buildings that tower over people and the land suggest that it has dominance over the land. In some sense it could be seducting the viewer to go and explore this weird land of odd buildings. I will have to explore this further by using colour and texture to make the scene enticing to look at.

I have noticed that I tend to try and make a story behind the main text, I think this allows me to create images more easily as I have a tale to follow. I can then lead one image onto another and this allows me to use my imagination more because I am creating in some sense a mini film in my head. Using a “camera” allows me to see different and interesting angles that would hopefully capture the viewers attention.

After I have created even more sketches and designs for this text I think I am going to create some into rough final pieces, this will help me go further in visualising the text and allow me to explore my imagination.

Image of the DNA Double Helix:

DNA, Genes and Chromosomes [internet]. Available from:, [Accessed 30 January 2014, 11.55am].

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