Looking Back

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In this post I am going to look at the work I did last semester and see what I could improve on and what is strong in my work. I can then apply this to future projects…

Firstly is some work that was based on a story that I made up about a mouse.

Stair Monster created using scanned in material and digital collaging

The stairs monster… the stair monster os something that came into my head quite early in the project. I have used the same techniques as I did before with the Babel piece. My method at the moment is to scan in materials and collage material and then organise into a pre-drawn image that I have done. Changing the colour, position, size – if I want to see the texture or have it small and smooth, shade etc. I also like to play around with perspective…

Same technique as above but using different perspective.

In this image (double page spread) the perspective is from a totally new angle, the viewer sees from the monsters point of view and not the mouse. It then flips back to looking at the mouse and the monsters. I love easing around with perspective because you can either empower a character or make them look weak and innocent. When picking colours I don’t pre-plan on paper what is going where, I tend to go what I think would work and feels right, obviously somethings are set for example carrots traditionally are orange and peppers in this case is red.

Day Brief -Flexible
Octopus – with flexible arms it was a perfect animal choice for the brief.

For this image the brief was just one word – flexible. Straight away I thought of an octopus as they are very agile and flexible. Using just one piece of material that I scanned in I used Photoshop to change the tone of some areas to add depth and put a basic dark colour in the background so the creature stood out.

My strengths:

  • Perspective – I think I am alright when it comes to thinking outside the box when trying to aim for a unique angle
  • Colour – my colours tend to compliment each other
  • Layout – I try to pull the viewer in when looking at my work
  • Sequence – I find it easier to create a sequenced set of images as I like the flow of it

Need to work on:

  • Colour – I know I just said thats its a strength but I also have a problem of making things all the same level so it become dull or neutral. I need to experiment more with bringing out a certain colour or use a different palette
  • Composition – theres always room to improve the composition as it changes for each brief
  • Day briefs – Summing up a text in one image I find difficult as I find I want to create a story out of it
  • Reference – I’m not a natural when it comes to drawing from my imagination – I know what I want it to look at but it never comes out on paper the same. So this means I have to take lots of photos of everything from a tall building to soil on a wet day, this will help me when I need to reference a particular thing for a brief.

So after having a mini analysis of my past work I can look forward to future projects and use my strengths to create a strong illustration but also practice my weaknesses which would hopeful become a strength and establish a style of illustration that works and is unique. Easy as pie! (fingers crossed!)

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