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Before my next lecture I thought I would create a few rough final images so I had something to show rather then just sketches all the time:

Created on Photoshop – I drew the basic lines and then added the textures of materials that I have to create a digital collage.

A pair of hexagonal glasses that are used to read the books in the Library of Babel. I tried to make them look modern but still have an age to them, I picked red for the rims as from my last terms work I was told maybe to highlight one colour so the image doesn’t look bland. The glasses looked lost when set in a white background so I added some material in the background and faded it out so the glasses still stood out. To add further texture to the background I added some opaque brown little hexagons to give a sense of old patterns and a border to the image. In the text it mentioned the letters MCV which keep popping up in books, so I added those letters to the glass. I guess a bit like a company brand logo. Overall I like the image but for me it doesn’t give the wow factor, I’m used to creating scenes for a story and creating one scene that isn’t part of a sequence is hard for me.

Same process as the previous image but I have used different materials that I have scanned into the computer then layered them up on photoshop.

This is what I think the library would look like from standing on the stairs, the shadow creates a mystery to the scene. Who is this person? Why are they there? What are they looking at? I made they stairs a funny angle to make the scene obscure and not the norm. The sky in the background is a vibrant blue/green but I wanted the viewer to guess what it is.. water or the sky? I picked red for the stairs because red can suggest love, passion, anger, danger. The colour stands out compared to the mundane grey hexagon buildings, I picked grey so the scene looks like an industrial area where it just goes on and on – a boring landscape. Maybe thats why I don’t find it exciting because the colours I have chosen are dull (except the stairs) so this image is meant to make you feel bored because the land has no nature in it.

I must admit again the image isn’t amazing but interesting, if I don’t find it exciting then who will? I know all viewers have a different opinions on what is great and not but I think I have to go back to the drawing board and make something better.

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