Critiquing my work

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Last week I produced these two pieces and I am going to practice critiquing my own work so that in the future if I am on my work I can decide whats wrong with it and alter it before I send it to a client.

horse jumping
Horse Jumping on a large book, Dyslexia didn’t put her off from living her dream.

A few pointers on how to improve it:

  • I like the basic angle of this and how there are a few riders and horses in the background and foreground.
  • The colour green stands out and it’s not all neutral colours which I kept doing last term but maybe the rider needs to stand out more than the ‘grass’.
  • The horse on the right in the foreground is too big and needs to fit in slightly better.
  • I like the black horse in the background as it is quite detailed and the tone is lovely on it, compared to the other horses it look different. I would either change it so it didn’t have so much detail or add more detail to the other horses.
  • Maybe the book that is closed, the pages could have people sitting on there so it looks like a stand of spectators watching the competition.
  • Do all the horses need riders instead of roaming around free?
Dyslexia didn’t put off from getting his dream job of being a director nor of her becoming an actress.

A few pointers on how to improve the image:

  • The director looks a bit annoyed and if he’s living his dream maybe his body position should be more alert
  • Maybe the scene layout needs a bit of a reorganisation as it’s a bit higgledy piggledy – people in odd areas
  • The text on the actress would need repositioning as it blends in with the other text
  • There is a lot green in this scene – maybe different coloured clothing
  • The colours on the director and the actress should stand out more as they are the focus- reduce the background colours.
  • The camera should be actually pointing at the acting and not off in the distance.

Overall, I think I am quite quick at pointing things out that I would like to change but the problem is, is that I may not like it but someone else may think it looks better as its unusual. I can only make an image better in my eyes and I think thats what I have to stick too but not go over the top. For clients I would have to bow down to their opinions and I can only suggest how I would improve it but I can’t be disheartened if they don’t accept my advice.

Do the images portray the message that Dyslexia shouldn’t be allowed to hold someones life dreams back just because they can’t read or read out loud very well for example and the answer is … yes. There are ways of getting round obstacles and other people can help with a mental disability like Dyslexia. The only problem with these images, they don’t wow me or it’s nothing new. I think I’ve got to reanalyse what I am looking at through the text The Library of Babel.

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