Day: March 1, 2014

Having a bit of fun

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Today I thought I would have a bit of fun in creating a bit of work. I thought of a quick image which shows frustration and then glued down string which I am going to use to print lots of images:

The drawing that the prints are going to look like.

An old telephone that is on the floor with the words frustration coming out of it. I wanted to suggest the feeling when someone is on the phone to you and they aren’t listening to what your saying or if they want help but everything you suggest is wrong. That feeling of frustration and annoyance and all you want to do is to put the phone down on them but you can’t because then you would be the one who would be classed as rude or mean. Well this is what I tried to illustrate with the words flowing through creating the keyword.

When I first drew it out I thought yes all I need to do is to add the string, however I remembered luckily before I started that the letters will come out back to front and so I had to re draw my sketch but backwards. That is easier said than done!

The final string piece that I am going to use to print.

Anyway, I did it and ta daa! The strings are glued on using ova glue and everything is nice and backwards. It took me most of my day which I was quite surprised about because I thought it would take only a couple of hours. I am testing some string techniques, which works best; string that is glued down and overlapping or sting that has been cut not to overlap but still makes the loop. I hope that makes sense! I had to leave it overnight to dry because I painted the whole piece with watered down pva so the paint isn’t absorbed so much into the string.

Deep red and purple printed onto brown paper.

This isn’t my first print as the first one was just black paint on white paper, I thought I would post the more interesting ones. When researching into which colours best suit the word frustration, deep purple and red came up a lot and so I used these two colours to create an unusual piece of work. I printed onto brown paper just to see what it would look like; I put the red on the text and purple on the phone as I wanted the text to stand out more. You can see the string pattern which I was pleased about as it gives texture even though I painted over the string with glue. I like the piece with the accidental paint scraped between the string but I feel like it doesn’t show the emotion off well, it just looks like a nice colourful print.

Black Print with coloured acrylics painted on top.

This is one of the black and white prints and I thought it looked a bit dull and so I painted onto of it using acrylic. Limiting myself to only using  two bold colours I thought it would create a bright image. Red for the phone to show maybe heat or passion that is being said through the phone; blue for the text. I chose blue so it was a high contrast to the red and I only used it on the text so the image wasn’t overpowered by colours. However, I feel like the blue is too calming and not frustrated enough – maybe I should have used a burnt deep orange or a deep purple.

Torn, scribbled on and cellotaped back together.

In my past research I noticed that repetition of lines and lots of textures usually create the best sense of frustration. So for this print I tore up the work (I’m also trying to let go of the attachment and defence I have over a piece of work) I thought when some people become frustrated they tare things up but then realise they shouldn’t have done that so they try and make it better and stick it back together. So this is what I did, using cellotape and scribbling all over it before putting it back together. I think this has more of a connection to the word compared to the previous prints however, I still feel like there is something wrong – not communicating well enough. I think it’s because of the whiteness of the the pieces, clean calming white – maybe I need to make it darker or added a texture to the white background.

Close up of the texture and materials I have used on this piece.
The string piece.

This is what the tool I used to create the printed images look like. Rough and textured I really like it, it looks like it has gone through a lot and looks better than most of the printed pieces! With layers of paint all over and a scratchy white on top it looks alright, ashamed the words are backwards, or is that a good thing?  I’m definitely going to keep it to use it again or just for its own personal look.

frustration telephone 2
Photoshop piece.

I didn’t want to lose any practice on my own original style, I placed the original drawing into photoshop and created this. It has a totally different feel and texture compared to the rawness of the printed images. This is clean and crisp which I kind of like, using similar colours to before red and blues. I chose blue for the phone so the red hot frustration oozes out of the phone speaker. Making the text slightly darker so it stands out more and the background colour is a bluey green so it doesn’t clash too much. I am trying to make colours stand out in my work as before they started to get a bit wishy washy and neutral.

To the testing before about the string overlapping – I can’t see much different to be honest, as long as the string when it overlaps doesn’t stick out too much so the rest of the string doesn’t reach the paper then it will be fine. I am glad that I had ago at this as it makes me realise that you can get more textures and feel to the work by using raw material instead of using scanned in material on photoshop all the time. I will be definitely experimenting more with materials more in the future as I still can use the texture in photoshop in other projects.

National Doodle Day on 7th March 2014!!

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Yes there is actually a National Doodle Day, crazy right! Wrong… Everyone likes to have a doodle now and then whether its during a meeting, waiting for a friend or part of a project. It’s good fun and can be entertaining although when researching into doodles there is a lot more then meets the eye…

Cat Doodle created by Llyzabeth

The basics of a doodle is that they can be of anything, a line, scribble, circles, people, plants the list is endless. Doodles help relieve people of boredom or stress as it can take their imagination to places elsewhere, a circle could be the sun on a beach setting in Hawaii or a square could be the next greatest invention ever made. Doodles can tell us what the person is feeling or what they are worried about such as money, housing, relationships etc. Whatever you doodle it has a great significance to that person, the most popular are hearts, arrows, sun, stars and boxes which 9 times out 10 people have already drawn 9 (including me!) The may not look the same but the content is the same as they represent our goals, needs and personality. To analyse a doodle you have to look at the following:

  • Shape – Straight lines tend to suggest strong will-power and are masculine. Curved lines suggest feminine characteristics, flexibility and emotion.
  • Size – Large objects suggest importance, outgoing and a busy life style. A small object suggests they are an observer more than a participating person.
  • Style and Strokes – Short strokes suggests hesitant traits in a personality and they are sensitive. Large strokes suggest they have strong opinions and stand their ground. Straight lines that are in rows suggest good organisation and likes order and control. Lines that are all over the place suggest a person who likes spur of the moment activities and are easily side tracked.
  • Colour –
  1. Red is passion, energy, love, hate and anger.
  2. Yellow is excitement and stimulates the mind.
  3. Purple is authority and dignity.
  4. Blue is relaxing but can also be a sign of depression.
  5. Black is dark, mysterious and associated with facts.

Doodles can mean lots of things or they can mean nothing it is very subjective. Although, it is kind of fun to work out what is the meaning behind these little scribbles on paper that can be consciously or subconsciously drawn by your mind and hand. I researched into this topic as I wanted to find out if there were any type of doodles or drawings that specifically target the emotion frustration. There doesn’t seem to be a specific doodle although I guess it really depends on who is drawing and what is playing on their mind, this is something I will have to consider when experimenting with my work. To find out more about this topic check out this site:

Image from: Llyzabeth., 2011, Doodle Cat by Llyzabeth, [internet] Available from:, [Accessed 1 March 2014, 6.25pm].

What’s the colour of Frustration?

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What is the colour of frustration… no idea!

But that is what I have been looking at recently. For this strange and unusual word – not quite anger but not quite sad its in between, I personally chose the colours red and black but they would be dark not brightly coloured. From the many web pages I have looked at the main colours that came up were red, purple and black. Some people suggested a deep orange and others deep blue but I would associate blue with depression. Although, thinking about a rusty orange it could become a frustration kind of feel. So I started to create some colour samples:

Reds in watercolour
Blues, greens and browns in watercolour

Both of these are watercolour samples, I feel like they are too wishy washy for the word frustration. The colour themselves aren’t too bad with the deep blues, greens and purples but I still feel like frustration should be strong colours that show power and raw emotion. So from this I moved onto acrylic paint.

Reds in acrylic
Blues and greens in acrylic

I feel these are a lot better as they are stronger and more rich in pigment. They also seem to have more texture with the brush strokes and the thickness of the paint adding natural tone; I can get a lot more depth using acrylics rather than watercolours.

Scribbles in Biro
More scribbles in biro

I also had ago at express frustration through line. To have a glance it just looks like I have just scribbled all over my piece of paper and be done with it. To be blunt that’s basically it! However, looking deeper into these scribbles I have noticed patterns and which scribbles work and don’t work. The patterns being repetition is the key to showing frustration as well as scribbling in all directions not necessarily going back and forth in a straight line. The harder I press on my pen the more stressed it looks and passion, the lighter I press the least tense and frustrated it looks.

Paint in scribbles

Combining the two, I have combined paint and the pen scribbles as well as other materials to see what the outcome would be. Using the paint brush like a pen it has given a rough texture on the outside edges with dark concentrated darkness in the middle.

Added texture to paint

I added ripped up paper that I wrote on which suggests maybe a letter was being written or some homework but the person couldn’t do it and got frustrated and tore it to pieces. The brush strokes again give a lovely feel of rough texture and the edges of the paper sticking up makes it seem raw and rough.

By doing these mini experiments I can see what works and doesn’t work when trying to communicate the feeling of frustration. Obviously this aren’t final pieces but I can take advantage of the pieces that work and morph them into something better.

If anyone would like to comment about frustration and what they think the colour is or how they see frustration through a drawing then please post a comment… thank you 🙂

Some of the websites I looked at when gaining information on the colour people thought frustration would be: