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Working in the outside world – presented by Wendy Mason.

I was told that there was going to be a presentation about going freelance and running your own business. I thought I should check it out as I have been thinking about going freelance and maybe setting up a business. It was held by Wendy Mason who seemed nice and extremely passionate about telling us whats it’s all about.

The first thing she said was self employment isn’t for everyone but try it out even if it doesn’t turn out to be the thing for you. You don’t want to live through your life thinking I wondered what would have happened if I did this etc. She also said if you do have your own business and you are doing well but then have t go back to a normal job it can be hard to fit back into societies ways. If you do go for trying to set up your own business then you can be employed (part-time job) and run the business at the same time which I thought was great!

There was a lot of information that she gave us and she said it was fine if nothing went in at least you have heard somethings so when you hear them again they won’t be completely new. Some of the things I picked up (although they may be very random) were:

  • You can pay less tax by claiming the costs of self employment against your earnings
  • apply as soon as your first advertisement or selling your work to the world and receive your first payment
  • You can apply for small earnings exemption if you think you aren’t going to earn over £6000 roughly by the end of the year – you then don’t have to pay national tax etc

Here are some top organisations she talked about:

an air –

  • artists information company
  • Membership around £36 per year
  • Get insurance cover for your work

Axis –

  • Online artists directory, exhibitions etc
  • When people are looking for artists this  is the place they look
  • Hard to get in though


  • Design and Copyright Society
  • If you join them then it’s worth to put it on your CV

Payback –

  • If you have ever had your work in a magazine or book or anything with a ISBN or ISSN number on the back then you can get money
  • Starting a minimum of £25
  • Register with them
  • They also help you to battle copyright issues – if they think you have a case then they do all the work for you taking 20% of the earnings at the end

Artquest –

  • Art law directory

Creating an income can be tricky but she suggested you could create a workshop for children or adults. Charge the client as a packages and include everything and I mean everything for example:

  • The items you need
  • time to set up
  • how long your going to be
  • What your going to do
  • Charge for preparation
  • Courtesy call before hand etc

These are just a few things but it was interesting because I wouldn’t have thought to add half of these things. Even though I feel like I only got a few items from the presentation that was packed full of odd and strange words I’m glad I went because I wouldn’t have known about these other companies. Here is the sheet she gave us that had all the information on:

Scan 1 Scan 2

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