Check Up 2

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Ok another check up again (like a dentist!) I hadn’t done much work this week as I have been concentrating on my presentation but I basically what I showed the group what I had done so far. As I was showing them my telephone printed pieces I mentions that I did a rough jigsaw and they found that really interesting to my surprise. These are the points I took away from the group:

  • Create a jigsaw made out of the text
  • A jigsaw that has one piece that is slightly smaller or bigger and doesn’t fit
  • A jigsaw that has a missing bit
  • Children’s jigsaw that is massive or 1000 piece or 3D jigsaw
  • Pushing shapes through specific shaped holes
  • Complete a jigsaw but every time you start it a new piece goes missing
  • Show frustration through a children’s book

Ok so I think I am going to spend a bit of time creating some form of jigsaw whilst trying to think of sequential imagery as well. I don’t think I will create much work this week as I am going to add to my blog which takes me a while! But I’ll have ago at making a jigsaw! Sounds like fun!

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