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Before I went to a presentation about freelance I decided to take my work to one of the tutors to see if I was on the right track. I was apprehensive and didn’t really want to show my work because I was afraid I was wrong again and the stuff I was doing didn’t apply or I wasn’t thinking ‘deeper’ enough. I’m not usually like this, in 2nd year I was always asking tutors how I could improve and wanting feedback but this year had knocked my confidence pretty hard. Anyway I bit the bullet and asked and this was the feedback I got:

Good ideas and the process your going through is coming along. Things that I could do:

  • focus on the process of becoming frustrated. You don’t suddenly become frustrated there tends to be a build up of things.
  • Scenarios of frustration – sequential (woo! I love sequential)
  • Use my own scenarios which viewers could relate to
  • Don’t illustrate the obvious but don’t make it too difficult
  • It is linked to the Bourgeois text as it is frustrating to read the text
  • Within the text some of the characters become frustrated

I thought this was extremely positive feedback and I felt like I was getting somewhere, I thought about what I could do and I also thought of maybe what do animals find frustrating. I wouldn’t develop that idea until I had exhausted the previous ideas but I thought this could be the link to children’s illustration. Although, I will have to be careful that I don’t stray too far from the text or I will be going no where. From this I will hopefully produce some work but first I have to sort out my presentation for Monday 10th March. Waa! Scary… I don’t like presentations.

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