Research into Children’s Books

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Ok, so I really really want to become a children’s illustrator as I love the energy kids get when they read their favourite character in a book. So, I thought I better do a little research into this topic so I got the following books out of the library:

The Bloomsbury Guide to Creating Illustrated Children’s Books –  Desdemona McCannon, Sue Thorton and Yadzia Williams

Children’s Picture Books; the art of visual storytelling  – Martin Salisbury and Morag Style

Illustrating Children’s Books – Martin Ursell

I am going to analyse these books and show what I found helpful from them. I also took out the following books:

Charles Harper’s Birds and Words

ABC’s – Charley Harper

I found these illustrations really interesting as at first glance I thought they are colourful yet they are quite minimalistic and I would have personally designed them for children. Further discussion will be done on it’s own post.


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