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Ok so far this week I have been mainly been updating my blog by looking a primarily children’s books and other artists. So I haven’t done as much work as I would like to have done but I still have made a jigsaw which took me a couple of day to cut out using very small scissors and now I have had a numb thumb for a could of days! oops! This is my jigsaw:


I don’t know how many piece there are but it felt a lot!


To make it I printed off the text from Babel and highlighted the words that I thought were linked to emotions and oneself as I thought the amount of ‘I’ and ‘My’ could go into the readers self conscious and they would start to believe they should be feeling like the main character. That probably doesn’t make sense but it’s hard to explain! Anyway, after printing it off I glued it to some cereal cardboard and then stuck on a rouge guide of a jigsaw on the back so I had a guide to cut and the pieces would look correct. After hours of cutting I have finally made a jigsaw! I wouldn’t make it again that small so next time I’m going to make the pieces bigger so it’s easier to cut out. I think anyone who would want to put it back together would get frustrated because you can’t even follow a picture to guide you where piece go!

I also created a video of the moving jigsaw pieces as I was inspired by a fellow student who had created a video about children’s toys leaving the toy box. However, I can’t put it on this blog without buying extras or something so I have put it on Facebook and here is the link:

I put annoying music with it and the pieces are slowly declining. I found making this jigsaw frustrating as it took my ages and my fingers hurt cutting out every little piece! If I could improve it I would turn the pieces around to you saw the text not the blank pieces.

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