Day: March 24, 2014

Mini Crit 3

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So today I had my personal tutorial with both essay writing and practical work. I have got to complete a mini essay (1500 words) that reports and examines how the scrutiny of critical theory, debates and practice may foster ways of moving your own practice to an advanced level. When I read this I was like what the heck am I meant to write about?! After I had my mini crit (2) I thought I could base my essay on something about children’s book, I thought maybe on how you shouldn’t create images that are childish or how they can be gender specific but I thought I have had enough of gender so I thought of this one; why and how is it so hard to get children’s book published? I then could talk about some of the process and what are the problems that I face personally when trying to get my work out there.

I gave myself a saturday and sunday to create it as I tend to work at it in one go and not pace it. I tend to lose myself and what my train of thought if I paced it out and so I like to research and type the whole thing in one go. Also 1500 isn’t a lot (can’t believe I just wrote that!) as I had just completed a 5000 words last term (I think)so this is a doddle! After the saturday I had written it which was faster than I thought but I am glad I did it as I can now relax a little. I sent it to my tutor to see what he thought and I got a pleasant response. He said that it was good that I have had a go at it already and it looked good. During the tutorial he also commented that I was 3/4 of the way there which I loved hearing. I have just got to rearrange a few things and go into a little more depth with certain topics but I can do that!


Now moving onto the next tutorial, I was a little more nervous for this one as I had only created one complete piece of work (the boat scene). However, my lecturer was pleased with the amount of work I had done and she liked the boat scene I had created. She explained to me that when introducing my work it would be a good idea to explain what my work is based on and how it is linked with the Borges text. So I would say roughly that from reading the Borges text I have focused on the emotion response I got from it and how it specifically frustrated me to try and read it as it’s a large cryptic puzzle. The key words being puzzle and frustration and these are the words I have developed my work from. She also said that if I was trying to get my book published and I had to sell my work and why it was unique then this would be a good way to start.

So carrying on I asked if there needed to be a final piece at the end as you don’t have to but she said it would be nice to round of this development by creating something. She then asked me what I was going to do and I said that I wanted to create a picture book for children but I didn’t know what to do next; these are some of the pointers/ideas she gave me:

  • Develop more scenes of inanimate objects
  • Develop the boat scene – create a story out of that scene by panning in or away
  • Maybe show the story of him making his way through the boat chaos – use the same scene but just move him?
  • Make a little mock up book at the end

I have just under 5 weeks to create this and I am raring to go! I love creating scenes and sequential illustrations as I can be a child again and let my imagination go. So I will be starting this soon, probably after I have done the tweaks in my essay as this is in before the bulk of the work. Oh! I also have to create another small essay for the practical work about how I have developed and where I would like to take this but I think I will do this after my concept panel as I could use the feedback to help me decide how I could improve my work and decide where move onto.

The printing continues…logo design continues…

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After I had ago at printing n the pillow case, I thought I would have ago at going back to my previous bit of work when I attempted a logo design. I created a hand design that I thought summed up the word frustration in a hand jester.



These were a few development from the hand position, I created some more but there would be too many to show. I did cut this piece out and paced it on a canvas bag but I felt like it didn’t work and so I thought it might work best on a t-shirt.

This was the final print:


My beautiful friend was kind enough to model it for me and this is what it looked like on her. I think it doesn’t look bad and it’s quite a bold image with the colour and texture. Although, I have just realised that I didn’t flip this image around and the text is back to front but maybe thats a good thing as it’s frustrating to read the text back to front.

This is what it looks like flat and I think that it’s not really a logo anymore as they tend to be smaller but as a t-shirt design it’s fine.


A close up of the image, it’s definitely not for children and I think the audience would be for young adults/teenagers who would wear it. This print came out a lot better than the previous print due to me pressing down harder on the fabric wight he iron although there was still a corner that didn’t stick to the t-shirt but I think I’ll glue that down or something. Also the original image you can see the text in the darker circle but you can’t with this one, whether that’s good or bad I’m not sure it depends what your personal style is like.


Printing on material

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So this week I was going to attempt to print something on some material. As I want to go into children’s illustration I wanted to see what my work would look like if it became either a pillow or some form of stationary like they do in book shops. So I created this picture:

boat with sky


To show frustration with inanimate objects I chose the boats to start off with as I thought that would be a good starting point from the last session. I sketched a few ideas out but I didn’t want to just plonk them on which would look boring and lose the interest of the viewer. So I tried to make a mini story out of the image by using different perspective and scales. I placed the little man in the rowing boat really wall as he has got to cross the large sea that is covered with travelling boats.

I really like this image, I think it could have potential to turn into something but I don’t know what yet. The colours of these types of boats tend to be very similar so I tried to make it interesting by using different shaped and sized boats. I made the water so it looked a little choppy to highlight the fact that this isn’t going to be an easy journey. The scale of the whole image is different, I always tend to work in A4 or A3 dimensions but for this scene I felt like that the scene should be wide horizontally due to the long ships and vast ocean. I think this shape definitely works for this scene and I am glad that I wasn’t too scared to restrict myself to standard sizes. However, if I do get this printed it might be a little expensive due to the odd shape and the waste of paper they charge you for. I’ll deal with that when I get there.

So back to printing, well I bought some paper that you print on from your normal printer and then iron onto whatever fabric. I also bought a normal pillow case which was too big for the image so I cut it down and re-sewn the pillow to fit the image. I printed out the image making sure that it was back to front and the colours were roughly correct compared the screen and this was the outcome:


I stuffed this pillow with socks thats why it is a little lumpy, it’s because I didn’t have any pillow stuffing that would fit this kind of shape of pillow.



This is just the case with the print on. I think it would maybe look a little better if the image was larger but I didn’t want it too large that when it was filled with stuffing you couldn’t see what it was.



A close up of the image, I was a little disappointed with the outcome as I thought the image would be stronger but I think that is due down to the ironing and transfer. Next time I think I will press down harder with the iron so it transfers better. The corner with the white was a mistake, this section didn’t stick to the material and so I tried to re-iron but it stuck to the piece of paper and ripped. So I took a new transfer sheet and re-ironed over to create a more square corner but I couldn’t iron to the edges and so it left a white part. I think it looks better than it did with the ripped area so I’m ok with the look of that.

Overall, I think it doesn’t look too bad as you still can see what it is and the story it conjures up. I chose to iron it on a off white material because I thought white was too bright and clean. I thought about the boats and the seaside with the old maritime/ vintage feel it can bring and so I picked this material and colour. I would definitely try it again as I found it fun to do but I would try and master the technique of transferring the image better.