Mini Crit 3

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So today I had my personal tutorial with both essay writing and practical work. I have got to complete a mini essay (1500 words) that reports and examines how the scrutiny of critical theory, debates and practice may foster ways of moving your own practice to an advanced level. When I read this I was like what the heck am I meant to write about?! After I had my mini crit (2) I thought I could base my essay on something about children’s book, I thought maybe on how you shouldn’t create images that are childish or how they can be gender specific but I thought I have had enough of gender so I thought of this one; why and how is it so hard to get children’s book published? I then could talk about some of the process and what are the problems that I face personally when trying to get my work out there.

I gave myself a saturday and sunday to create it as I tend to work at it in one go and not pace it. I tend to lose myself and what my train of thought if I paced it out and so I like to research and type the whole thing in one go. Also 1500 isn’t a lot (can’t believe I just wrote that!) as I had just completed a 5000 words last term (I think)so this is a doddle! After the saturday I had written it which was faster than I thought but I am glad I did it as I can now relax a little. I sent it to my tutor to see what he thought and I got a pleasant response. He said that it was good that I have had a go at it already and it looked good. During the tutorial he also commented that I was 3/4 of the way there which I loved hearing. I have just got to rearrange a few things and go into a little more depth with certain topics but I can do that!


Now moving onto the next tutorial, I was a little more nervous for this one as I had only created one complete piece of work (the boat scene). However, my lecturer was pleased with the amount of work I had done and she liked the boat scene I had created. She explained to me that when introducing my work it would be a good idea to explain what my work is based on and how it is linked with the Borges text. So I would say roughly that from reading the Borges text I have focused on the emotion response I got from it and how it specifically frustrated me to try and read it as it’s a large cryptic puzzle. The key words being puzzle and frustration and these are the words I have developed my work from. She also said that if I was trying to get my book published and I had to sell my work and why it was unique then this would be a good way to start.

So carrying on I asked if there needed to be a final piece at the end as you don’t have to but she said it would be nice to round of this development by creating something. She then asked me what I was going to do and I said that I wanted to create a picture book for children but I didn’t know what to do next; these are some of the pointers/ideas she gave me:

  • Develop more scenes of inanimate objects
  • Develop the boat scene – create a story out of that scene by panning in or away
  • Maybe show the story of him making his way through the boat chaos – use the same scene but just move him?
  • Make a little mock up book at the end

I have just under 5 weeks to create this and I am raring to go! I love creating scenes and sequential illustrations as I can be a child again and let my imagination go. So I will be starting this soon, probably after I have done the tweaks in my essay as this is in before the bulk of the work. Oh! I also have to create another small essay for the practical work about how I have developed and where I would like to take this but I think I will do this after my concept panel as I could use the feedback to help me decide how I could improve my work and decide where move onto.

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