Day 4 of challenge

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I have got two days to finish the last two scenes of my story boards and create the little fiddly bits like the title page and front cover. I will also go back over my other images to see if I need to add anything else or to tweak little mistakes. 9am is the time I started again and I thought I would produce these two images within a few hours as I produced 5 in a day before but how I was very wrong! It took me all day to finish these two off, I don’t know if it’s because of the pressure I placed myself under or if these scenes were just more technically more difficult. Here is one of the scenes I produced that day:

Pages 21-22


I found this scene really difficult to get my head around as the colours had to be careful picked. I chose red for the background where the pans were but it overpowered the lettering and looked terrible. So I chose blue – linked with the ocean and it calms the scene down. I also had to be picky when picking the colours for the delicious smell – green or brown would make the smell seem horrible and wouldn’t fit the topic, I didn’t want a strong colour as it’s meant to be the steam coming off the food containing the nice smell. I went for a cream colour which is similar to the fish and potato colour. I think it works as it’s slightly opaque making it not heavy and thick.

I looked at this book which is on my next blog called Children’s book cover – Great book jacket and cover designs by Alan Powers. This was so I could see as a collective the best and bad books covers over time. From there I can design my cover, I may re-design a new image or simply use a page from my book which can work just as good.

I worked from 9am to 10pm on this day with two 15minute breaks and of course dinner! A girl has got to eat! I had finally finished my extra bits of work including changing some of the previous scene. I had finally completed the book! Woo! Now all I need to do is send it to the printers, easy right…

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