A quick sum up the semester

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I found this semester quite hard as it was very different compared to the last 3 years, due to the way I had to look at the work in a different way. Usually I would illustrate the obvious by taking parts of the text and using different perspectives to create a interesting image. The Borges text I found hard to understand as it was quite cryptic and I found it hard to try and create a children’s book theme out of it.

When developing work for the Borges text, I knew I wanted to develop something with a sequential element to it. This was difficult nevertheless I did not give up. If I had a mental block I did not leave it, I kept developing and creating pieces until I found something I could work from. I did not know exactly what the tutors or I wanted so I was stuck. Producing images allowed me to find a topic to focus on which was frustration and puzzlement. From there I was able to develop more work that eventually lead to creating a children’s picture book. It was my first time making a picture book that had the same image repeated like a flipbook with only certain items moving.

After completing the Borges text and past projects I feel I have a strong passion for children’s books and this is where my ‘Field of Study’ lies. I love the development process, creating the story, characters, materials etc. as well as having the final outcome of the physical finished book. It allows me to express my own thoughts/feelings through sequential imagery as well as allowing me to unlock my imagination and use my style of work which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike due to the specific materials, colour, mark making and topics I base my work on. I will hopefully become a freelance children’s book illustrator.


P.s I also entered the MacMillan children’s book competition, I sent the recent Bon Appetit book and the Mouse’s Monsters. I will know if I have been chosen or won next friday. Fingers Crossed!

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