First Lecture

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So the first lecture was based on what the dissertation was all about and say what we think we are going to base it on. Here are a few pointers that I picked out during the session:

  • Back up every point or argument
  • It has to flow for the reader to understand it
  • Broader range of sources
  • It would hopefully link to the other module
  • Re-word quotes to merge into the essay
  • Make a time plan
  • Higher level of critical analyses – sounds scary but basically use different sources, cross examine the point/use different point of views
  • Analyse – say what things look like
  • Originality
  • Make it more relevant to your practice
  • More primary research e.g. questionnaires, interviews etc
  • Keep reminding the reader what the main topic is
  • Vocabulary – could make a list at the end highlighting what the key words are and the definitions
  • The title could be a research question – a research problem or purpose or trying to find something out

All these points are quite overwhelming and it doesn’t help when I look at this and think basically it’s just another essay but fancier. I am going to digest these points over the time of writing it so I don’t freak myself out. I’ll keep referring back to them so I will hopefully stay on track.

During the lecture we had to say what we were thinking of doing, I had already thought of this before I started back as I didn’t want to suddenly think crumbs I haven’t got a clue. My question I wanted to focus on was:

‘What makes a top selling children’s book attractive to children aged between 4-7years?’

I chose this as I am very much into children’s books as they are fun and enjoyable to read as well as seeing the delight young people get from reading them. Looking back at my work I think my style fits within this category and therefore I have focused the age category. However, during the lecture one of the tutors questioned my topic by asking is it the children’s responses you are looking at or is it the parents and outside sources. I was like sugar, I thought I had this all worked out but this made me question the wording of my question which is good but at the same time it can’t help make you feel a little deterred. When describing how I was going to tackle the research they commented on how it may be a good idea to contact the libraries to see what the most loaned books were. After the session I was right lets do this!

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