Dissertation Update

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After my tutorial it’s changed again! To make it more focused I am now focusing the dissertation on the whole fact within a children’s book idea. I became really stuck because all the research I had done, I felt was wasted and I had wasted my time looking and analysing work that I wasn’t going to use. However, after a massive brainstorm over two days I have come up with a solution, whether it will work and it will be excepted is another matter but for now it has settled my worrying brain. So here it is, a rough layout of my dissertation:

Define what a picture book is.
Show what my criteria is – books chosen from 2007-2009, all are based on animals, books aimed at children aged 5 years.
Define why children aged 5 years is roughy the year that their learning/thinking changes and they are developing differently compared to previous years. (depending on what research I can find)
Look at how children’s picture books that have fictional stories can help or hinder and interact with a child’s learning. Using two books that I will compare, contrast and analyse – Ernest and Harris Finds His Feet both by Catherine Rayner.
Move onto how children’s books that are fact based can help or hinder and interact with a child’s learning. Using two books – Woolly Mammoth by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom. Little Mouse’s Big book of Fears by Emily Gravett.
Then come to a conclusion which I have no idea yet. Again, I am learning that I struggle to handle work that is constantly in the air whereas I like it when I have got an anchor point that I can keep going back to. Although, worrying about this is a waste of time and effort so all I can do is push on!
On the next blog I will post what I have done so far for the concept project.

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