Day before the presentation

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It’s that time again where I have to do my concept presentation which from far away I am not bothered about yet when it gets closer and closer and closer the butterflies within start to emerge! I have created a 23 slides presentation which is in the form of:

  1. What I did before starting the presentation
  2. The first idea for the dissertation
  3. The second idea and what I learnt from it
  4. What I am now working on
  5. Moving onto my concept project
  6. What I have done for that
  7. What I am going to do now for each module over the next week
  8. A gantt chart of my study with how the dissertation and concept project work together
  9. As well as what I want to get out of this research
  10. What I would hopefully be doing in the last MA section – creating a children’s book.

Throughout I will be dropping in points on how the dissertation and the concept project interlink as well as just general explanations for my actions. I hope this is what they want because this is all I’ve got, when timing it I was hitting the 8minute mark which I think is fine. I may speed up during the presentation due to nerves or when reading each slide I speak a little more about the item shown. It gives me a bit of room either side. I think I have a lot of slides as my ideas kept changing and due to it being all over the place in my head and on paper it’s hard to pin down key moments. Hopefully after I have done more research and experiments when it comes to the next presentation it will be more accurate and precise.

Waaaah! I’m so nervous and I keep going through fight, flight or fright and I am currently in-between flight and fright. Hopefully tomorrow I will be in fight mode getting all my nerves out now. I am 4th on the list which is placed after a break which is good and bad as I like to be 1st or 2nd o get it out the way but I guess if there is a problem with my presentation I will have time to sort it out. I might post the presentation on tomorrow and place the comments and advice I get after I have done it. So wish me luck!

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