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From my concept panel I was told to consider at the following:

  • Look at published books that help explain how to create a children’s book
  • Look at stemming an idea for a book from a single sentence such as ‘a squirrel and his nut’
  • Set a criteria from previous research – what am I going to include and not

Now I have finished my dissertation, I am finding it hard to start work again. I think I have burnt myself out and I am stuck in two minds; the first is I know what I want to produce but I don’t know where or what to start for this project. The second is I feel like I need to work even though I have no motivation because I haven’t got long until hand in, plus it is Christmas so I can’t work on that day but time is quickly dwindling away.

So far I have looked into the first bullet point:



By looking at other artists sketchbooks, it shows that many of the create ideas from drawing everyday whether it is random or they chose to draw at a particular spot. I will draw from mainly photos that I have taken which will hopefully generate some ideas but I tend to work best when I have established a storyline and from there I start to create images and fine-tune the story. I also looked at a book created by Martin Salisbury called Illustrating Children’s Books, I looked at what advice they gave when trying to create an idea for a children’s picture book:

  • doodling
  • drawing from observation
  • life stories

I have already tried drawing animals to see if I could create a story from one of the images but I felt like I was drawing animals for the sake of it. So from the concept panel I decided to create my criteria of what I want to include and this is where I currently am. Stuck as a dodo. My plan of action is to go through my sketchbook and see if I can find any light and then go from there.


Bossert, J., 1998, Children’s Books Illustrations. East Sussex: Rotovision.

Salisbury, M., 2004, Illustrating Children’s Books. London: Quarto Publishing.

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