Tasks for next semester

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Next semester is going to be full on, but I have a feeling that I will love it. Yes there will be highs and lows in the story that will start soon but I will be victorious in the end. I am starting now to create a rough list of what I will need to cover, so when it comes to starting it I won’t freak out and everything will be calm and collective:

  • Size of book – A4? A3? Custom size?
  • Character development – the character will be a squirrel and so I want to gather a lot of material on the body, animal interactions, behaviour etc. Research on how other illustrators have perceived the animal as well as working out what the personality my squirrel has. I tend to draw a couple of sketches of the main character and then stick with them through the book which I noticed restricts a lot of potential aspects of the book, so I want to draw the character repeatedly so I understand how it works, feels and looks. I want to learn that it doesn’t matter if one drawing goes wrong when I have just drawn a good one as it’s all part of the learning and I want to let go of being over protective of every aspect of my work.
  • Background development – more realistic with unusual angles due to the main character being a squirrel. Gather photos and other media on the specific season.
  • Pacing – fast pacing and then some steady pacing. I was also thinking of including specific pages that refer to the past, do I use a slightly different medium to clearly show a different part of time?
  • Layout – Am I going to use the characters to interact with the actual physical book or keep the layout simple.
  • Framing – Do I stick with the same framing like the Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson or do I keep changing it depending on the pace of the story.
  • Colours – Is it going to be full colour throughout or do I change the colours depending on the mood which would change the atmosphere of the scene like It’s a Book by Lane Smith.

I want to become fully involved with the development of the story, to experiment and become immersed in it’s world. To understand what professional illustrators and authors go through even though there are never two stories the same. At the end I would love a publisher to pick me up and want to work with me further but this will be a massive challenge and dream but one that I will not give up on easily.

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