Tutorial Onwards..

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I had my tutorial this week and it went better than I expected. I was worried that my story wouldn’t be good enough and I would have to rethink the whole idea. I know I should have confidence in what I create but from past experience I have had all my hopes up and they have been dashed as they haven’t been good enough and so I am a little cautious nowadays even though it is kind of expected in the art world.

A few things were flagged in my work:

  1. The story needs to be tight and full proof – this will be solved through the development process so I shouldn’t worry about it too much right now
  2. I should focus on sound and illustrating sounds
  3. The animals I have chosen are interesting and I should research into them more – learning about their sounds and calls
  4. Instead of developing the character straight away, I should experiment with materials to show expressive lines and movement
  5. Take sections of scenes and work them up to see what they look like, I never had done that as I always tried to the whole scene which took a lot of time but this would be a quicker and easier way to produce work
  6. Character development, as the character develops through my experimental work I will have to consider how I am going to illustrate them focusing on specific parts of the body e.g. hands and eyes
  7. Book shape and page numbers – the standard size is 32 pages even though there are books out there that are near 40 pages. I’m sticking with 32 as publishers tend to stick to this and the MacMillan Children’s Book competition that is coming up soon and tends to stick with 32 page books. The book shape is a tricky one, as I was originally was going to go with the generic square or A4 size book. However, I was told that even though these tend to be the standard size, if I create a book that uses it’s size to enhance the story and illustrations it has a better chance to stand out from the crowd. I can also make the book for my final MA Show which makes it even more unique.

I was just originally going to create the storyboard then the characters and produce them in my digital collage style but in this tutorial I was questioned and made to think why should I stick to the digital collage because anyone can do that. It is a skill I have already learnt and I should experiment more with other materials to see if anything better comes out of it, to learn what could work and wouldn’t work for this specific project. I haven’t done much experimenting since the end of 2nd year on the BA course, as I had already ‘found my style’ and so I stopped experimenting. I am quite excited to start again even though I will be rusty as I can’t remember most of the techniques that I learnt in collage but it will allow me to unlock my imagination again and just have fun.

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