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Today is last of the two presentations left on this course and there are undergraduates who will be watching us as they are learning from us.

The first to present is Jonny who has based on his on transgender and drag queens, showing us some amazing images and he explained what he liked and didn’t like about his work. One problem he had was he didn’t know when to stop the image which I also have a problem with, as you don’t want it to look unfinished yet you want it to look good.

Leah is also in the final stage of the MA, and is still doing ephemera – things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. She wants to produce a set of prints that are a collection of ephemera that she has already collected. An interesting thing is she wants to create a set title for her exhibition, I had never considered this and maybe I should think of title or just base the exhibition on the title of my book.

Paul was next and he was going to create a motion book using Mayfly software. He is basing his theme and his rationale behind this is the climate round the freedom of speech, homogenisation and commodification, challenging status quo, propaganda and false flag attacks, politics and religion. He has looked at the golden ratio which I was aware of in first year but maybe I should consider this in my page layouts.

Ok I’ve just done my presentation and I have come out of it a little confused. I started to produce some work and asked which layout they preferred. I did get a response but I need to go deeper or remind myself what the focus originally was in my work and consider the following points that were made during the Q & A:

  • Focus on a core or concept more – so I am thinking to focus on the sounds more
  • What are the main focuses on the page – what stands out more
  • Use the body position and angles of the squirrel to express personality and emotion
  • Watch more videos of the animals to achieve more movement in my drawings
  • Try to not overcomplicate the texture – vary the detail to create depth. Not everything has to be really detailed
  • To develop some of the small thumbnail ideas straight away and not change them
  • To maybe to develop the sound first and then fit the characters around it

So looking on the positive side, I’ve got somewhere to aim for and have got plenty of work to do. I know I struggle with having a set idea and then it being blown apart but I need to learn from what I have done and why they haven’t worked to make something better. Some of the views were conflicting but I think I just have to pick and chose I decide whats best for me and what I want to achieve.

A company that was mentioned was G F Smith is a paper company that specialises in specific types of paper and has a vast range. I had a look at their link:

It looks very professional and good but for me I am not sure I need it as of yet due to my book pages possibly being the standard thickness of books. Also, I have just looked at a rough price for a book to be print and it is around the £100 mark which is not exactly cheap. Therefore, I am leaning towards making it myself as it gives me freedom with the size of the page and I can make a better quality book without the large price tag next to it.

In my next post I will have an update of where I got to and what I think I am going to do next.

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