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So I have worked my stupidly hard to try and get my final illustrations finished. I have worked from 6am to 11pm and I feel like my work has improved quite a lot working with pastel pencils and I have found techniques that use the pastel to my advantage. Here are a few of my favourite final images:

Page 5-6

The squirrel is waking up from his dream where he is hungry and starts looking for food. I placed a acorn Weevil into the seen to create an talking point as it is an unusual insect. I broke up the scenes to show different areas he looked.

Page 9-10

Here the squirrel is talking to the Eurasian Jay, the Jay explains to the Squirrel what happened when he heard a scary noise. The growl sound is the stomach of the Jay and is hand illustrated to allow me to emphasise the noise and add texture. The images are in photos to represent the past and shots of a moment in time.

Page 21-22

The Squirrel hiding from the Stoat as it has chased him all around the forest. As soon as the Stoat has gone he climbs a tree where he finds some ripening acorn nuts. In all my scenes I tried to add depth and interest where you want to study the illustrations to look at the detail. I made the character so that it was directly and interacting with the viewer when hushing them, creating interest for the viewer.

Overall, after looking at Eric Ravilious and Michael Rosen’s work, I feel like I have captured a tiny part of the adventure and excitement Rosen brings to his works and the softness/ vibrancy Ravilious creates when using watercolours. I could improve a lot more but this is definitely a path that I think I could take and succeed in.

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