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The last concept panel is here and I was nervous as I had worked so hard I didn’t want to get shot down. I admit I have become protective of my work and want it to be perfect and everyone loves it but I know this would not be the case as I can see areas where there is potential improvement.

The feedback I received was hard to take at first due to the me just wanting my work to be finished. Some comments I agreed with as I could see them myself when looking at my work:

  • the squirrels face is sometimes cartoony
  • some scenes are stronger than others

However, here are a few points that I would need to consider but may not complete them due to the short amount of time left:

  • text showing sound should be hand drawn to keep the consistency and make it interact with the illustration
  • the Stoat jumping looks odd and hard to work out
  • Does the Stoat need to be in the book – it doesn’t add anything to it
  • Can the last page be clearer and can the reader understand that it was his stomach that was grumbling all along
  • There should be a page in the back where it illustrates some facts about the added animals e.g. the Spider and Weevil. This is so it interlinks with the book more and learn about the other animals as well as enjoying the story.
  • Some images are too full and could be taken back and be more intense.

Some of these comments I would struggle with as the time is dwindling away to a week until hand in. For example, taking out the Stoat I would have to reconsider the storyline as it wouldn’t flow as well and would need a scene to bridge the gap. I could consider this in the future but for now I could take it out and ruin what I have already done. Plus I think the Stoat works as he is another unusual character that adds a sense of danger to the adventure. He is the one who makes the squirrel realise it’s his stomach that is making the scary grumbling noise.

However some of the points I will use and hopefully will be able to complete are:

  • the stoat jumping – to create a more of a cleaner image that is easily read
  • Straighten the text up
  • Create the last page which has a similar feel to it as a encyclopaedia
  • To look at the book through the eyes of not seeing it before, see if the story is easily read.

I better get cracking then!

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