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When undertaking researching during a project in my Masters course, I looked into creating a piece of artwork based on a sentence from the beginning of a story. I have created many rough designs but this is one that I have completed so far. The sentence being ‘At a time when rivers were made of chocolate and wishes came true’, I incorporated items such as clock hands, a chocolate bar, a pocket watch and a waterfall flowing into a river as well as a man fishing which can be a tranquil activity. Everyone will think of different items that could be conjured when reading this sentence but this is my interpretation. There are alternative colour palettes which work and some that don’t. First, are the colours that work.

Art Chocolate 1
This was my original colour choice but after experimenting a bit I decided on a much darker background. A cream background with a dash of blue showcasing the sky.
Art Chocolate 5
A night time sky background linked with the wishes come true (wishing on a star at night). Matching the gold of the watch with the swish in the background, caramel gold.
Art Chocolate 4 copy
A lighter night sky with a pink swish (strawberry flavour?) I think this is my second favourite.
Art Chocolate 2
Going back to the mix blues.

Now the colours that didn’t work. I wanted to show this, as colour has a massive influence on how the image feels or looks and can either make or break an image.

Below is the image I had settled on as it has a vibrancy to it due to the dark background.

Art Chocolate 6

I have gone for the caramel gold colour for the swoosh as it links in with the stars and the watch. There are altogether roughly five main colours which are set throughout the image, woven into one another so it flows. I placed blue stars next to the clock so they don’t blend in but I feel it balances out the image as there are gold stars in the opposite corner. There is a layer of text in the chocolate fountain which doesn’t relate to the text specifically but the way it had distorted itself gave the effect of the chocolate was flowing down and out. I tried to incorporate a mixture of bold block colours and the use of fabrics and patterns to create an interesting scene, being careful not to over do it. Hopefully you like the image but if you have any constructive criticism or comments then please leave a reply down below. 🙂

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