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I thought I would have a go at entering the AOI competition which is free. The theme was ‘Sounds of the City’ which is a tricky one to illustrate as there are so many avenues you could go down. I had many ideas but I focused on the sounds you may not notice anymore if one has lived in the city for a long period of time. I tried to make it flow and so created a a snap shot of a day. Here are the final outcomes:


I created two with slight differences, one has a simple black background allowing the colours to come through.The central image has a postcard stand showing other cities and their famous events. The other entry has a basic coloured pattern of the London underground route which emphasises the city aspect of it. I had also taken the main central image out  leaving just the mini snapshots of a cities life. To balance the squares out, I focused on certain areas of the original larger image to create smaller scenes.

Here are the smaller images on there own, I focused on various areas from nature to music to night life. I have scanned materials to create texture in certain areas of the illustration whilst balancing it out with blocked colours. I tried to control my colour palette on each illustration by incorporating certain colours, for example the sunrise scene uses the colour spectrum of pinks, yellows and blues giving a warm soft feel to it.

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When creating the work I struggled to draw people, I’ve always wanted to be able to draw people really well and I need to practice a lot more but for this I just tried to create a simple figure as to not to overcomplicate the scene.I enjoyed creating some of the scenes and I do think some are stronger than others. However, I would have liked to spend more time on developing and experimenting rather than rushing to finish for submission. Which was annoyingly extended after the deadline had passed. Anyway, looking back I would say I have overcomplicated the whole piece and maybe I should have focused on a single aspect or image and to also tone down the colours a tad. Overall I did enjoy the unusual brief, to create an image to show sound without doing the cliche ideas was a challenge but a rewarding one I would say.

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