Catch Up… since the concept panel.

Catch Up… since the concept panel.

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After the concept panel I have been working hard on images and developing movement in my scenes. Even though I know I have been working non-stop I feel like I haven’t got a lot to show for it but I know that I have sorted out a lot of technical things like the size of my book.


I wanted to start developing the other main characters within the book and one of them was the stoat (not a weasel, as stoats are bigger and I wanted it to be menacing). Similar to the squirrel I watched videos to draw from as I found this creates more movement compared to purely photos. Looking at them now I know I will probably use some of the within my book. I didn’t colour any of them in as I feel the colours would change depending on what scene or lighting the surroundings would be.


Researching into the facts of stoat so I am able to maybe incorporate in to the story. From here I will be experimenting with the size of the pages…