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Catch Up

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So far I have created my children’s book about the mini rowing boat travelling across the sea of cargo ships. During the making of the book pages I thought I would make a mini movie of the boat scene. I can’t put it on here due to the restrictions but here is a link:

Here is the photo of my finished book.


Front cover – When making the front cover I altered the size making it bigger than the pages as it has to fit around the spine. However, I didn’t realise that the spine was going to be double the size I estimated meaning that the front cover was just short of 0.5mm which was irritating. I could go back to the printers as they were shut and I wanted to show it for monday’s concept panel. So I carefully measured all the way round taking off 0.5mm around the edge and then sticking the cover on making sure the white edge was even all the way round. To be honest I was quite pleased with the outcome! Yes it’s not ideal but for a (expensive) mock up book it’s not too shabby!


Thick pages due to the pages being stuck back to back. Usually I would make a smaller mock up book printed form my own printer but as there were over 40 pages I thought this would be costly on the ink and so I went straight to the professional printers. From making this mock up book I realised that the main character was smack bang in the centre of the centre crease which is a big no no! This has definitely made me realises it is all ways better to make a really rough mock up book so you can see the mistakes before hand. Luckily the way I have made the book you don’t lose the character but if made properly you would definitely lose the character.