Creating Sketches

Creating Sketches

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For the following two weeks I have to create a visual response roughly once a day (at least 15) but I found that I have days where I would work and produce lots of images and days where I couldn’t think of any. Here are a few initial sketches that I drew after I read the text for the second time;

My first initial response to the text.
My first initial response to the text – blue biro
Rough Ideas – black biro

In the second image where the heads are I was thinking; what if the library was in someones head and not an actual building. Hexagons making up the side profile of a man with the books within each shape. After the head I focused on a little on the ‘spherical fruits’, but I felt that I wasn’t getting anywhere with this. I have only created a few sketches so far, I find it easier to get my ideas down on paper in thumbnail form rather than focusing on one idea and creating the finished piece. So I am going to create more ideas…