Day 5 of challenge

Day 5 of challenge

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So today is the day I send off my book to the printers! I have finished bang on the day I need to so hopefully it will come on time. I have already been with blurb and I know they can take a while to deliver so I decided to try Lulu as it says they do fast delivery and they are cheaper then blurb so I thought great!

How I was wrong… it seems easy at first and I uploaded all my separate images as they don’t allow double paged spreads but then every time I tried to go to the next stage an error would come up and I couldn’t access all the work I just uploaded. It took me about an hour to load everything and so I did this 3  to 4 more times using different files and I still would get this error message. I tried all day and so I logged off and they said they were doing maintenance!

So I went back to blurb and they were easy and simple – download a software where you can just plonk your work on in order and then order your book. The delivery date is the 30th of April which is two days past the deadline but they said it can be delivered before so I am just keeping my fingers crossed they deliver it before! I paid for the quickest delivery as well which isn’t cheap! It’s just a waiting game now…