Module 2

Module 2

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The second module is called Concept, this term is based on research and explore our individual ‘Area of focus’. It is an area of time where we can really dig into our subject and try to understand the in and outs. This will eventually lead onto our final masters project.

As I have said many times throughout these posts I am very much into children’s books and one day  would like to be a independent children’s book and illustrator. For this module I will be closely following my dissertation as they are interlinked. Focusing on how to make a book, sounds easy but I want to know the details for example:

  • what types are paper are there
  • are there certain stories that are successful in the age category of 4-7years
  • Average page numbers (32) and why is it so specific
  • Why do artists take years to finalise their book
  • How do artists work
  • Can I work how they do

… and many more questions. I will achieve the answers to these questions through research on the internet, emails, interviews and books as well as possibly observational research. It is quite daunting of where I will be going with this and if I am on the right track but you won’t know unless you try. Although saying that I am finding it difficult to motivate myself to work, it’s not that I am not trying it is not being satisfied with how much work I am doing per day. For example the other day I wrote a few blogs and created a mind map which for me is terrible, but I am hoping that I will pull it together and crack on. I will have to wait and see…