National Doodle Day on 7th March 2014!!

National Doodle Day on 7th March 2014!!

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Yes there is actually a National Doodle Day, crazy right! Wrong… Everyone likes to have a doodle now and then whether its during a meeting, waiting for a friend or part of a project. It’s good fun and can be entertaining although when researching into doodles there is a lot more then meets the eye…

Cat Doodle created by Llyzabeth

The basics of a doodle is that they can be of anything, a line, scribble, circles, people, plants the list is endless. Doodles help relieve people of boredom or stress as it can take their imagination to places elsewhere, a circle could be the sun on a beach setting in Hawaii or a square could be the next greatest invention ever made. Doodles can tell us what the person is feeling or what they are worried about such as money, housing, relationships etc. Whatever you doodle it has a great significance to that person, the most popular are hearts, arrows, sun, stars and boxes which 9 times out 10 people have already drawn 9 (including me!) The may not look the same but the content is the same as they represent our goals, needs and personality. To analyse a doodle you have to look at the following:

  • Shape – Straight lines tend to suggest strong will-power and are masculine. Curved lines suggest feminine characteristics, flexibility and emotion.
  • Size – Large objects suggest importance, outgoing and a busy life style. A small object suggests they are an observer more than a participating person.
  • Style and Strokes – Short strokes suggests hesitant traits in a personality and they are sensitive. Large strokes suggest they have strong opinions and stand their ground. Straight lines that are in rows suggest good organisation and likes order and control. Lines that are all over the place suggest a person who likes spur of the moment activities and are easily side tracked.
  • Colour –
  1. Red is passion, energy, love, hate and anger.
  2. Yellow is excitement and stimulates the mind.
  3. Purple is authority and dignity.
  4. Blue is relaxing but can also be a sign of depression.
  5. Black is dark, mysterious and associated with facts.

Doodles can mean lots of things or they can mean nothing it is very subjective. Although, it is kind of fun to work out what is the meaning behind these little scribbles on paper that can be consciously or subconsciously drawn by your mind and hand. I researched into this topic as I wanted to find out if there were any type of doodles or drawings that specifically target the emotion frustration. There doesn’t seem to be a specific doodle although I guess it really depends on who is drawing and what is playing on their mind, this is something I will have to consider when experimenting with my work. To find out more about this topic check out this site:

Image from: Llyzabeth., 2011, Doodle Cat by Llyzabeth, [internet] Available from:, [Accessed 1 March 2014, 6.25pm].