Size of the pages

Size of the pages

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Before I started to create some images I thought it would be wise to create a colour palette and so I don’t go over bored with the colour system. I was initially going to select three or four colours but then I decided to separate the colours into sections as there are so many layers. P1130008

I tried to pick colours that are natural and close to the colours of the forest. I avoided black as this is too harsh and as I am not using any black outlines would stand out too much and so I have gone for dark greys and browns. I had never done a colour palette before but it definitely helped as it focused my style even more.

The original drawing was slightly too big and the drawings weren’t as clear and so I was experimenting with making the single  page smaller and trying to fit the double page spread on one sheet of paper. The colours are working as they are very similar tones and some colours I will put throughout the book like the Jays flash of blue and so the book flows.P1130004 P1130003

I found trying to fit the whole scene on one page difficult as the drawings were hard to include detail as the tip of the pencil was too large and so looked clumsy. Reducing the size of the page on a single spread allows it to be big enough to add detail but not too big to be clumsy. I am sticking with a slightly elongated square as I find the sound can fill the page and be the centre of the page. Although the first image is the style I want to achieve throughout the book, I feel like some of the images are not working and do not help to tell the story.