The printing continues…logo design continues…

The printing continues…logo design continues…

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After I had ago at printing n the pillow case, I thought I would have ago at going back to my previous bit of work when I attempted a logo design. I created a hand design that I thought summed up the word frustration in a hand jester.



These were a few development from the hand position, I created some more but there would be too many to show. I did cut this piece out and paced it on a canvas bag but I felt like it didn’t work and so I thought it might work best on a t-shirt.

This was the final print:


My beautiful friend was kind enough to model it for me and this is what it looked like on her. I think it doesn’t look bad and it’s quite a bold image with the colour and texture. Although, I have just realised that I didn’t flip this image around and the text is back to front but maybe thats a good thing as it’s frustrating to read the text back to front.

This is what it looks like flat and I think that it’s not really a logo anymore as they tend to be smaller but as a t-shirt design it’s fine.


A close up of the image, it’s definitely not for children and I think the audience would be for young adults/teenagers who would wear it. This print came out a lot better than the previous print due to me pressing down harder on the fabric wight he iron although there was still a corner that didn’t stick to the t-shirt but I think I’ll glue that down or something. Also the original image you can see the text in the darker circle but you can’t with this one, whether that’s good or bad I’m not sure it depends what your personal style is like.