It’s been a while… Wraptious Competition

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Hi to anyone who is reading this, I haven’t been on here for a while oops! I’d just thought I add a little blog to show what I have recently been doing.

When taking a trip to a market last Christmas I saw a stall called Wraptious. At this stall they were selling artwork on various items e.g. pillows, cards, coasters etc. I loved the look of the designs so I decided to check out their website and noticed they have a competition to design an image which is printed on a pillow. This competition is held twice a year which amazingly is free to enter and allows a maximum five entries. It is based on a popularity contest, the work that has the most likes or shares on Facebook or pillows purchased via their website wins. The winner will have a two year contract with Wraptious where they will promote and sell your work. So I thought, why not have a go! Here are my five entries:


The patterned images were created using a design I had used for a different competition. I just took the basic shape and repeated it in various designs until I created a pattern that flowed continuously. From there I researched into restricted colour palettes as I tend to go over board with colours. Trying to keep the pattern symmetrical was easy and where each specific colour went was just instinct.

If you have read my other posts you may recognise the Octopus and the Water Highway images which I created when I was at University.

I am pleased with the outcomes, I could have spent more time on them but the amount of work I would have produced would be endless and it would have been harder to choose just five designs.


Thank you for reading this post. I would be extremely grateful if you click on the little facebook symbol on the image below (top right corner below) which will direct you to the Wraptious facebook page (you must log into your own Facebook to be able to like). From there if you hopefully like my designs you can click on the like symbol on my individual images, post (must be on Wraptious facebook page) or even purchase a pillow from their website! The more points I gain the closer I could be in the top 12 which would be a great honour. 🙂

AOI Entry

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I thought I would have a go at entering the AOI competition which is free. The theme was ‘Sounds of the City’ which is a tricky one to illustrate as there are so many avenues you could go down. I had many ideas but I focused on the sounds you may not notice anymore if one has lived in the city for a long period of time. I tried to make it flow and so created a a snap shot of a day. Here are the final outcomes:


I created two with slight differences, one has a simple black background allowing the colours to come through.The central image has a postcard stand showing other cities and their famous events. The other entry has a basic coloured pattern of the London underground route which emphasises the city aspect of it. I had also taken the main central image out  leaving just the mini snapshots of a cities life. To balance the squares out, I focused on certain areas of the original larger image to create smaller scenes.

Here are the smaller images on there own, I focused on various areas from nature to music to night life. I have scanned materials to create texture in certain areas of the illustration whilst balancing it out with blocked colours. I tried to control my colour palette on each illustration by incorporating certain colours, for example the sunrise scene uses the colour spectrum of pinks, yellows and blues giving a warm soft feel to it.

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When creating the work I struggled to draw people, I’ve always wanted to be able to draw people really well and I need to practice a lot more but for this I just tried to create a simple figure as to not to overcomplicate the scene.I enjoyed creating some of the scenes and I do think some are stronger than others. However, I would have liked to spend more time on developing and experimenting rather than rushing to finish for submission. Which was annoyingly extended after the deadline had passed. Anyway, looking back I would say I have overcomplicated the whole piece and maybe I should have focused on a single aspect or image and to also tone down the colours a tad. Overall I did enjoy the unusual brief, to create an image to show sound without doing the cliche ideas was a challenge but a rewarding one I would say.

Chocolate Galore

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When undertaking researching during a project in my Masters course, I looked into creating a piece of artwork based on a sentence from the beginning of a story. I have created many rough designs but this is one that I have completed so far. The sentence being ‘At a time when rivers were made of chocolate and wishes came true’, I incorporated items such as clock hands, a chocolate bar, a pocket watch and a waterfall flowing into a river as well as a man fishing which can be a tranquil activity. Everyone will think of different items that could be conjured when reading this sentence but this is my interpretation. There are alternative colour palettes which work and some that don’t. First, are the colours that work.

Art Chocolate 1
This was my original colour choice but after experimenting a bit I decided on a much darker background. A cream background with a dash of blue showcasing the sky.
Art Chocolate 5
A night time sky background linked with the wishes come true (wishing on a star at night). Matching the gold of the watch with the swish in the background, caramel gold.
Art Chocolate 4 copy
A lighter night sky with a pink swish (strawberry flavour?) I think this is my second favourite.
Art Chocolate 2
Going back to the mix blues.

Now the colours that didn’t work. I wanted to show this, as colour has a massive influence on how the image feels or looks and can either make or break an image.

Below is the image I had settled on as it has a vibrancy to it due to the dark background.

Art Chocolate 6

I have gone for the caramel gold colour for the swoosh as it links in with the stars and the watch. There are altogether roughly five main colours which are set throughout the image, woven into one another so it flows. I placed blue stars next to the clock so they don’t blend in but I feel it balances out the image as there are gold stars in the opposite corner. There is a layer of text in the chocolate fountain which doesn’t relate to the text specifically but the way it had distorted itself gave the effect of the chocolate was flowing down and out. I tried to incorporate a mixture of bold block colours and the use of fabrics and patterns to create an interesting scene, being careful not to over do it. Hopefully you like the image but if you have any constructive criticism or comments then please leave a reply down below. 🙂

Beginning of a new adventure

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Long time no see

So I haven’t posted for quite a while oops! That’s because I have successfully completed my Masters course (my final display at the exhibition) and I’ve been outside playing in the sun.


Now the tough bit starts, where do I go from here? what do I create? what do I do! For so long I have been in education and now I am free from it, it is an uncomfortable feeling of how big the world is yet exciting. I have been in my little bubble for so long.

So my blogs may a little spread out from now on or they may be loads all at once, I just don’t know. I will create work for myself and hopefully you’ll like it!