Watching Presentations

Watching presentations

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When I was told I was going to watch presentations which were done by students ahead of myself from 9am to 4pm I thought one word…boredom!


I know I shouldn’t think like that because I’m learning and supporting people whilst showing their work but when it is a nice sunny day and your stuck in a small warm room it’s not the most fun you could have. However, during the day there were a few presentations that I enjoyed because they were similar to how I would work. Showing how they have developed an idea and what topic they were researching into. No one had based theres on a children’s book theme but that could be a good and a bad thing. Bad because I won’t have any idea what to do as it’s new but good because it means no one has done it yet.

When watching the presentations they tended to stick to the same layout:

Diploma Stage – Part One

  • Keywords
  • History of the topic
  • What problems occurred
  • How they dealt with the issues
  • How they dealt with past critiques and how they dealt with them problems

Part Two

  • Practical Progress so far – experimentation
  • Objectives
  • Artist Influence
  • Proposal
  • Preliminary Audience e.g. magazines, newspapers etc.
  • Books/ theorists they have looked at

MA Stage 

  • Research Question
  • Why they picked that topic – link to dissertation from previous year?
  • Target Audience
  • Current Research – Video?
  • Artist Research – list of names and examples
  • Why have they used these specific artists
  • What would you gain from their work
  • Development – thumbnail sketches are fine
  • What will the outcome be

I’m glad I watched them in the sense of I now know what to roughly do and how the presentation should be laid out. Also, how much work to put in and other aspects that I didn’t really think of linking it to such as the dissertation. One student based their project around cooking and making it simpler for viewers and children. I thought this was really interesting because I tend to assume you have to do everything linked with art and thats it nothing else. She hasn’t and has ventured into something I love – food! It has given me more confidence as I am learning that I liked to have a plan or at least a rough idea of what to do for future things. I’m not very good at sitting and doing nothing, waiting for something to happen. Although, I am still terrified of presenting in front of a lot of people and then people speaking about my work out loud. I always want to please and I have to learn I have to create a bit of armour around myself so I don’t break down every time someone questions my work as not everyone is going to like my work. Thats life!

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