What is Ideology?


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Ideology, quite a fancy word but is actually quite simple to understand. So what is ideology?

  • A collection of ideas defining a group
  • Socio-political tool – propaganda
  • Power – a minority controlling the masses, which is classed as a hierarchy
  • seduction

Another couple of fancy words;

Enculturation – happens consciously and subconsciously.

Bricolage – the making do or piecing together with what you have

A few theorists and a little description that may come handy in the future when I write my dissertation or even creating images for Babel.

Pierre Bourdieu

He created the word “Habitus” meaning what you wear or how you speak puts you in a ideological place.

John Berger

He wrote The Ways of Seeing which is actually an interesting book. Advertising is a form of art where it makes people want what they haven’t got whereas fine art showed what people already had – to show off their wealth and success.

Karl Marx

He supported the working class and explained the social change which is influenced by economics; basically money runs the hierarchy.

Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright

They wrote the book Viewers make Meaning. Images make images through complex social relationships, influenced by culture and class. Taste is associated with well bread people for example low culture has comic strips and soaps.

A few more theorists that I will look into at a later date; Angela McRobbie and Antonio Gramsci. For further reading check this link out;